Looking for High-Quality Countertops?

Looking for High-Quality Countertops?

Choose our solid surface or laminate countertops in Dubuque, IA

When you need new countertops to supply to your clients, you can rely on Vanguard Inc. Our company supplies and installs excellent countertops for businesses within 200 miles of Dubuque, IA.

Your clients will love our laminate countertops and solid surface countertops for their:


Plus, you'll have peace of mind of knowing you're working with an experienced company. We've been supplying great countertops for more than 60 years. Contact us about solid surface or laminate countertops right away.

Features & Options

Features & Options

  • Broad Range of Branded Solid Surface Design Options
  • Multiple Edge Options with or without Backsplash
  • Coved or Integral Back Splash Option
  • Sink Cutouts
  • Installed Undermount Karran Sinks (Stainless, Quartz and Acrylic) and Other Solid Surface Brand Acrylic Undermount Sinks
  • Shipped with Full Battens and Ready to Install

Choose from a full range of countertop colors

When you choose laminate or solid surface countertops from our selection, you're sure to find the colors you and your clients are looking for. We provide a range of colorful, neutral and bright countertops from brands like:


To find out more about our range, reach out to us today. You can call 877-556-7677 or email our team.