Showcase a Wide Selection of Cabinets

Showcase a Wide Selection of Cabinets

Order laminate cabinets from our company based in Dubuque, IA

Do you have clients searching for the right commercial cabinets? You can show them laminate cabinets and more from Vanguard Inc. We deliver our cabinets to all areas within 200 miles of our Dubuque, IA location.

We supply and install excellent laminate cabinets for a wide range of commercial buildings, including:


To find out more about our commercial cabinets, call 877-556-7677 today. You can also count on us for shelves, cases and other storage options.

Choose our cabinets for any commercial setting

For more than 60 years, our company has been providing cabinets for a wide variety of commercial uses. You can come to us for commercial cabinets made with a range of patterns, textures and colors to choose from. Reach out to our experienced commercial cabinet specialist right away.

Benefits of Vanguards' Premium Line of Commercial Cabinets

  • Easy to level adjustable feet. 
  • No shims to slip and move with vibration resulting in a racked cabinet. 
  • Leg Levelers give a professional image and cleaner install by eliminating the need for shims. 
  • Raised feet to allow for plumbing, HVAC, and wire-management under cabinets. 
  • Detachable toe kick prevents water damage to the cabinet box in the case of water on the floor. 
  • The area under the base cabinet is easy to access for cleaning by simply popping off the toe kick. 
  • Solid backs in cabinets allow for fastening capabilities anywhere in the back of the box.
  • Base cabinets are shorter with the leg levelers removed and easier to maneuver and fit through doorways and tight areas. 
  • Because of the "feet" on the cabinet, your accountant may consider it "moveable" and not an integral part of the building. Therefore it would qualify as furniture or equipment and not real estate. Furniture and equipment would have either a 5 or 7 year depreciable life, whereas real estate has a 39 year life. Owners should consult their accountant for specifics.