About Us

Vanguard Inc. is a manufacturer of Point of Purchase Displays, Commercial Cabinets and Casework, Plastic Laminated Products, Laminated Countertops, and Solid Surface Countertops. In operation since 1960, Vanguard has produced thousands of POP Displays, which can be seen from coast to coast and internationally. Vanguard is extensively involved in the Commercial Casework bid market providing products for schools, hospitals, municipal buildings, & private sector commercial buildings. Additionally we serve over 75 dealers in Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin made up of home centers, lumber companies, and kitchen designers.

Our Mission Statement:

Our Mission Statement:

Vanguard's mission is to enable our customers to perform their core business flawlessly as it relates to our products. We are often retained as the preferred supplier because of our consistent manner in which we provide communication and product. "When we work with Vanguard we know that we will get what we want, when we want it". This consistency and dependability is the cornerstone of our operation and has been the key to our success in all areas of the market.


Since April 1, 1998, Vanguard has developed a system to track each item as it leaves our facility and measures the level of quality of each. The measurement is simple. If the product is not exactly what the customer was expecting, we fail the quality test. Every person at Vanguard is measured on his or her performance as it relates to many areas quarterly. Quality is one of the benchmark measures used to determine performance ratings and hence, merit increases. We believe "What gets measured, gets done" and are proud to boast a quality rating of 99.08 %. Translated this means 99.08 % of the time the customer receives exactly what they expected. In the "build to spec." world of custom casework, this is a remarkable level.