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Vanguard’s “Green” Practices

  • We use scrap melamine and particle board for battens, keeping it out of the landfill
  • We have independent dust collection at each machine and only operate it when the machine is running vs. a central system that runs all the time regardless of how much equipment is running
  • Our dust collection systems are inside the building keeping our heat inside in the winter reducing our energy consumption to heat the building
  • We have a biomass furnace and burn our scrap to heat
  • We have no light switches in our building, all are occupancy sensored
  • Windows in factory let in natural light
  • We have a new high efficiency air compressor
  • Our building is insulated with the highest “R” value insulation available
  • We are using water based glue for all of our production applications
  • We separate our paper/cardboard and metal from other trash for recycling




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